ABISOS uses patent pending technology to send alerts to your phone when threats to your unattended property are detected:

WATER INTRUSION: every year water does millions of dollars of damage to property.  ABISOS notifies you when it detects water on the floor, giving you the ability to take remedial measures before mold and other expensive damage can occur.

MAIN POWER LOSS:  Loss of main power often goes undetected at unattended facilities.  More than an inconvenience, power loss can disable dehumidifiers and other climate control systems which if uncorrected can damage sensitive equipment like computer servers.  ABISOS, with its own backup power system and cellular data connection alerts you whenever main power has been lost for more than a few minutes.

HVAC FAILURE: when heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems fail, the resulting extreme indoor temperatures can cause expensive damage.  ABISOS constantly tracks the temperature and humidity and sends an alert when the readings are too high or too low.

MOTION DETECTION:  whenever human motion is detected inside the property ABISOS sends an alert.